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Street Food Trucks is a website dedicated to unique, hand-crafted, custom-designed Street Food Trucks

a food truck parked on the side of the road
a food truck parked on the side of the road
  • Traditional Taco Trucks: Serving authentic Mexican flavors.

  • Gourmet Burger Vans: Crafting mouthwatering, gourmet burgers.

  • Mobile Pizzerias: Offering wood-fired, artisanal pizzas.

  • Dessert Delights: Indulge in sweet treats from ice cream to gourmet cupcakes.

  • Healthy Bowls on Wheels: Enjoy fresh and nutritious options.

  • Ethnic Eats: Sample diverse international cuisines from Thai to Korean BBQ.

Types, Sizes, and Food Across America

  • Manufacturers: Reputable manufacturers like Legion Food Trucks and Prestige Food Trucks ensure high-quality builds.

  • Construction Materials: Common materials include stainless steel for hygiene and durability.

  • Safety: Food trucks adhere to local health and safety regulations, often exceeding standards.

  • Costs: Startup costs vary but can range from $50,000 to $200,000 or more.

  • Long-term Value: A well-maintained food truck can have a long lifespan and provide a profitable venture over time.

Explore a myriad of food truck types, sizes, and cuisines across America

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Food trucks vary from traditional food vendors
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people sitting on chair near food store during daytime
people sitting on chair near food store during daytime

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red and black vehicle
red and black vehicle

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For a food truck manufacturer like yourself, standing out in the ever-growing street food market requires innovation not just in design but also in strategy.

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